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Welcome ! So you or a loved one have Parkinson's. Now what?

Welcome to Speak up! There are many excellent websites that describe Parkinson disorders and their progression. Fewer sites outline guidance for maintaining and improving function.  Speak up! is designed to give the person with Parkinsonism and the family specific information about the disorder and some understanding of the communication challenges that come with Parkinsonism. Most importantly the website will offer guidance to improving speech.

Few people can afford intensive, on-going speech therapy. It is suggested that one begin with a professional speech-language pathology assessment and treatment from an SLP with experience in treating individuals with neurological disorders. After that, this website will show you how to develop a Communication Circle, which will allow you to use your own resources (volunteers, friends, relatives and neighbours)  to provide intensive and cost effective treatment.

To obtain the best value from this site we suggest that you begin by reading:


  • Speech Challenges Introduction
  • Speech Changes with Parkinsonism


  • Speech Therapy through Communication Circles
  • Current Practice
  • Advantages of Circles

By the end of this reading you will have tools to understand your speech changes and chart a path to retaining effective communication. You are not on this road alone but, with a bit of work on your part, will be helped by friends, relatives, SLPs, neighbours and members of your community. 

Enjoy the images on this site created by artists with
 Parkinson's Disease, such as by Alan Rubin at

Who Built Speak Up?


Speak Up! was developed by the partnership of Bonnie Bereskin, a speech-language pathologist with expertise in Parkinsonism, and Paul Walsh, a retired IT consultant dealing with his own Parkinsonian disorder - Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)

Please go to the About page for detailed website Objectives and brief biographies for Bonnie and Paul.
Go to the Contact page if you desire further information from either Bonnie or Paul.